my blog consists of anything i love, meaningful, or just purely visual appeal. however, anything vintage or lace or girly is something i mostly reblog.
i am crazy over one person. the things on this blog, i wish he could read them, and see them. it's stuff that i want to tell him, but dont, pictures of places i want to go with him, or stuff i want to do with him but cant. it's my free-spoken mind, uninterrupted.
i hope you have a good day! ~xx, lenaa

**btw i track unfollowers**

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I claim photos that are watermarked or stated with my url(lilxingxinglee), (ph0togenic-perfectionism). If you saw your photo just tell me right away, and I'll give you a proper credit.
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i'm a skinny 13 year old girl who is chinese and proud :) i have dark hair and eyes. i am a half-glass full person, and cherish the small things in life. :) i will check out your blog if u ask, and will do promo's 4 promo's depending on how much you have. i will always try my best to give advice, and will and will answer your questions throughly. you can ask me anything. i love girly things, and im crazy over one guy. i hope i enlighten your day somehow with my blog~ <3